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CodeNGen 2.6.0

CodeNGen CodeNGen 2.6.0

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CodeNGen Publisher's Description

CodeNGen is an n-tier code generator which drastically reduces development time to create scalable data driven applications. CodeNGen utilizes table structures and relationships in an existing SQL Server, SQL Server CE, MySQL, or Oracle database to generate C# business entities, data access code, and stored procedures.

The result is a combination of base classes and object specific code that provide rich data support to your applications such as data binding, recursive data operations, transactions, concurrency, and unique constraint enforcement.

CodeNGen can generate all your sprocs, and your entire data access and business layer from your existing database in minutes. Spend your time writing your application, not building the plumbing.

Features include:

-Consistent, easily understandable code
-Stored Procedures or embedded SQL (parameterized queries prevent SQL injection attacks)
-Optimistic concurrency
-Business Layer Caching
-Transaction support between business entities
-Recursive data operations
-Data Factory Architecture allowing database provider changes to be made in as few as one configuration file change
-Strongly typed business entities and collections
-Full data binding support
-Unique constraint enforcement (can be disabled)
-Centralized business logic
-Business logic enforcement on save (can be disabled)
-Collection sorting
-Field denormalization for easy data binding
-Partial classes allow custom methods to be implemented in a separate file safeguarding logic from being overwritten if classes are ever regenerated
-Source code for all base classes are included and is fully overridable in derived classes

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